Movie/// 18.02.2016/// THOSE WHO FEEL THE FIRE BURNING///

Unconventional and poetic in form, Those Who Feel the Fire Burning documents a serious social problem: the hopeless situation of the refugees who actually manage to make the crossing alive. The seeking soul of an old man hurries along the southern European border and dwells on the many disillusioned people, observing them calmly and up close

Workshop 5th of november 2 015 at 17:00


Gender as Collage – ‘Witches are no women’

Re-edition and illustratin of the zine

Burning Women: The European Witch Hunts, Enclosure, and the Rise of Capitalism

Starting from the article ‘Witches are no women’ (by Yan Quimera in Itziar Ziga’s book SEXUAL HERRIA), this workshop aims to create and to discuss a collective imagery of our individual imaginaries of the figure of the witch by means of the collage technique. As a second step the collective reading of the zine Burning Women: The European Witch Hunts, Enclosure, and the Rise of Capitalism in small groups will help us to illustrate the text with different techniques in order to re-edit the zine.

The zine is available as pdf on



After a longer break of renovation and restructuring we are oficially back and want to celebrate our reopening with all of you!

This is why we want to invite you on
thursday, 17th of september at 20:00 to our
with vegan quiche, federweisse, schnaps and of course….zines!!!
Come to ZGK, Scharnweberstrasse 38!

From now on we will prepare special food and drinks for you
every 3rd thursday of the month in ZGK!

Also our zine library will now again be open regularly every thursday from 18:00 to 21:00 o’clock!

We do have a copy machine now, so you can come to print or create your own zines! Also we would really like to use the space for more workshops or talks, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you want to organize something in the space!

Hope to see you on thursdays!

Info-evening and 3 course vegan menu 19.01.2015

Info evening about the recent occurences in the spanish state and
the situation of the imprisoned anarchists.

On the 16th of december a big police operation – under
the name of Óperation Pandora´ – took place in the
spanish state. Fourteen houses and social centers in
Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid got raided and
11 people got arrested. They were brought to the Auden-
cia Natcional, a special court which is responsible for
matters of ´national interest´. On request of the public
prosecutor 7 of the imprisoned got put into custody,
being accused of founding, propagating, managing and
being members of a terrorist organisation. The other 4
got released under conditions.
This info evening will give more information about the recent occurences.
 & 3 course vegan menu!!!!
20:00 at Kadterschmiede ( Rigaerstrasse 94 Friedrichshain)

Vegan three course menu voku

On monday the 29th of december we will have a vegan three course menu voku at Kadterschmiede
(Rigaerstrasse 94 – backyard…ring the bell)
It starts at 20:00 and it will be a soli voku for our space!
There will also be gluehwein and punch!
From 21:00 on there will also be a movie screening!